Grave Tending

Over the years we have established a service for our clients whereby we maintain the grave of their loved one in their absence. Perhaps they have moved away from the area or even abroad or for personal reasons such as health are no longer able to visit the grave.

Anniversaries and Birthdays are dutifully recorded by us to ensure that the grave is tended with fresh flowers on that special day in the year.


At Christmas time we put holly wreaths on graves as well as fresh flowers, or perhaps you would like spring bulbs planted, or other seasonal plants planted throughout the year.

Because Anniversaries and Birthdays are important dates of remembrance, for your peace of mind we take a photograph of the grave with the flowers on, which is then forwarded onto you either by email or post. With this record of a lovingly cared for grave you now have peace of mind and less of worry knowing that all is in good order, and the grave is as you would have wanted to keep it yourself, were you able to do so.

Additionally we can carry out memorial maintenance which includes cleaning, renovation work, and levelling the memorial etc.

If you would like to register for the Grave Tending Service, please use the form below or contact us directly by telephone.